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concentrated liquid fertilizers.

Don't buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers!

Metrop is a specialist supplier of high quality liquid plant fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture and hobby growth.

Through years of growth and test experience, Metrop fertilizers approach to plants has become fundamentally different from that of most other plant food producers.
Metrop believe, you have to make available to a plant, the nutrients that he can absorb most of during every phase of the growth and bloom cycle.

Metrop products are carried out in cooperation with two laboratories, each with separate nutrient production facilities. One of our partners specializes in producing highly concentrated liquid fertilizers and carries out research into developing feeds to solve plant specific vegetation problems, our other associated laboratory is a specialist in producing vegetation stimulants.

Because of Metrop unique approach and the fact that Metrop use different elements for the Metrop fertilizer products than other plant food suppliers, Metrop are able to achieve greater NPK differences, which gives you the grower, better and bigger unfolding vegetative growth.

Metrop do not compromise on quality and so the Metrop nutrient elements are free of cadmium and other heavy metals reducing chlorine content to trace.
This means a healthier and better tasting end product for both grower and consumer.

Metrop organization:

Metrop fertilizer products are highly concentrated and they require less storage space. This means that Metrop can maintain a small, grower focused, efficient organization and of course there are benefits in transportation and distribution.
In the Netherlands you will receive your order from Metrop fertilizers within 48 hours, in Europe within 72 hours.

In addition to our European distribution network, Metrop fertilizers work closely with distributors to develop global partnerships selling and distributing Metrop fertilizer products for their region.

Metrop is in the USA based under the name MetropNA in Reno Nevada.

With a small and efficient organization Metrop are closer to the growers/stores and always informed of what goes on in the plant fertilizer market.

Metrop is the only fertilizer producer with enough confidence in our products to have a customer helpdesk. If you still have some questions, please don't hesitate and contact to

Metrop philosophy:

When you consider the nature of hydroponics, it is surprising that there is such a lot of "bull" around the subject.
Many suppliers offer different food for soil culture, coco culture, hydroponics culture: spore mixes, missing links, bacteria, tablets (which are difficult to dissolve without problems and much more).
They pretend to be the fountain of knowledge and experience, but in reality 'cut and paste' their 'knowledge and experience' from elsewhere showing photographs of other successful growers.

Metrop does not work like this.

So Let’s explore one of the more popular myths:
· If I grow in rock wool medium, I will have to use different nutrient elements than a soil based grower!

· A plant growing on rock wool does not require different elements from a plant growing in soil. The plant only
  requires more of certain elements, because soil contains them already where in rock wool they are absent.

The only thing the grower needs to do is adjust his schedule to the type of medium he uses.
All those 'Special additives' such as: Missing links, spore mixes (micro elements) and vitamins are all supposed to be in basic plant food.

That is why we can say that the Metrop fertilizer product line has everything that you need to maximize your yield and everything your plants need to flourish and grow.

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