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Metrop MR1

concentrated liquid NPK 10-40-20 Grow fertilizer

Function: Nitrogen and phosphate are particularly important to the growing crop during the early vegetative stages. Deficiencies of phosphate will negatively effect the root development, vigour and yield of the crop.

Crop production in soils that are nutritionally depleted or where the soil moisture prevents adequate movement of nutrients in the root zone will require early applications of Metrop MR1.

Metrop MR1 grow fertilizer supplies magnesium which is often deficient in crops grown on light, sandy soils. Magnesium together with other micro nutrients, is vital for chlorophyll and protein synthesis.

Fully water soluble fluid emulsion fertiliser containing NPK, magnesium and chelated trace elements.

Metrop MR1 Grow fertilizer analysis
phosphorus fertilizer

Directions for use: The spray tank should be filled with half of the required amount of water.
After shaking the container, measure the required amount of Metrop MR 1 and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation.
Add remaining water to correct dilution. Spray.

Dilution: Recommemded water rate is 500-1500 Litres.
Always shake container before opening.
Apply as a nutrient programme with Metrop MR2.

Recommendations for use:
Metrop fertilizer application
phosphorus fertilizer

Tank Mixing Compatibility: MR1 is compatible with most, but not all, pesticides, growth regulators and micronutrients with regard to physical tank mixing and biological effect on the crop.
However, Metrop cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage as not all pesticides have been tested and because the efficacy of any mix will depend on, among other factors, the pesticide concerned, crop conditions, growth stage, weather, and volumes of water used.
MR1 should be stored in frost free conditions with optimum storage range between 5-40 Cº.
MR1 is a non-hazardous and non flammable folair fertiliser.
Gloves and face shield should be worn when handling the concentrate.

Metrop MR1 grow fertilizer is available in HDPE drums of 1L, 5L, 10L capacity.
Drums are fitted with TE closures. 200 L / 1000 Litre mini-bulk available.