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Metrop Hydroponics Deep Water Culture (DWC) grow schedule


Deep Water Culture (DWC) is the practice of growing plants in aerated water and is Hydroponics, in its purest form.
The plants' roots literally dangle straight into water, there is not a substrate growing media required.

DWC systems are very simple. All you need is a pump, container, lid and a net pot.
The container holds the nutrient solution usually around 10-15 liters (2.5-4 gallons) and the lid supports a single plant growing in a net pot.
Roots grow out the net pot and into the nutrient solution held in the container below.
Air stone bubbles in the container agitate the solution and keep dissolved oxygen levels what is a very high-essential in any DWC system. If you bubble enough air into the water and keep it at the right temperature between 19 and 21 Celcius degrees, roots will thrive.

Add some mineral-based nutrients from Metrop and you have a powerhouse hydroponic growing method !

For protect against bad bacterials and fungi and to give the plant a bigger shot of Oxigen use daily Metrop Additive H2O2 with the nutrient line.

Plant grow outline Deep Water Culture (DWC)



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