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Hydroponics grow info, general.

Everybody can grow their own plants, but growing for the highest and best results, is a rewarding passion for many hydroponic growers. This passion for perfect knowledge is often inspired from scientific investigation.
Not every grower can afford to go to agricultural college and although grow information can be found, it is often difficult to follow and written by academics for academics.
As a consequence of this many growers draw upon popular growing myths, their own experiences or the tales of others. Over time there has grown a body of myth and nonsense which has become part of 'hydroponic culture' giving rise to the many misleading and uninformed books out in the market.

Our Mission:

To dispel those myths and rumours by setting out in clear, straight forward language how to use and understand nutrient feed information, and the reasons behind correct usage and timing. Understanding grow info.

Experience teaches us that when people know why and how a certain product works, they are able to use it more efficiently producing better results with higher yields.

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Soil/Coco/Hydro Amino grow stimulator
Soil/Coco/Hydro Amino flower stimulator
Soil/Coco/Hydro Hydroponics Calcium Magnesium fertilizer
Metrop Hydroponic H2O2 fertilizer
Soil/Coco/Hydro organic silicon fertilizers
Soil/Coco/Hydro organic poison fertilizers
Organic sulfur fertilizer
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