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Metrop highly concentrated liquid plant foods.
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Agriculture and horticulture

For the growth, flowering and fruit period, the NPK and micro-element balance are specially formulated for the highest and strongest possible crop yield.


With the correct application of these additives you give extra strength and protection to every crop. Total control in the hand without chemical toxins.


The best qualityfertilizer for every hydroponic system for a delicious taste of every end product. No more tasteless end products with the Metrop nutrient line.

Grow Outline's

When growing for the first time it is important to draw up a good growing schedule. Due to our many years of experience we have prepared very good and reliable growing schemes for you.
experts in Plantenvoeding

Experts in plant nutrition

Years of testing and researching minerals and other elements on humans and plants results in a nutrition line that gives strength and health to the crop and to you who consume the crop.


The most effective and sustainable way of fertilizing is through the leaf and fruit. Concentrated liquid fertilizers are sustainable in use, storage and transport. Stronger crops have a longer shelf life and are easier to process.
Metrop MR1, MR2 and Calgreen

Metrop Concentrated liquid fertilizer

Metrop develops, manufactures and supplies biomineral concentrated liquid plant food, plant food suspension, leaf plant food, plant health promoters & more.

The majority of the Metrop plant nutrient products line are suitable as leaf nutrition.

Due to years of cultivation and testing experience, we approach the crops in a different way than most other fertilizer producers.
The main idea behind this is to give nutrients what a crop can absorb the most in every phase of the growth and flowering cycle.

Because every grower wants the highest yield, and every grower wants the best taste of his end product, right?                

Metrop strives to offer growers the most effective products on the market.
Metrop thereby focuses most on mineral trace elements and enzyme processes and the health effect on plants and people.

Products are developed and improved through a nutrient analysis of the plant juice every 2 weeks in a growth and flowering cycle. (S.A.P. Analysis) It is the only way to make the best plant fertilizer !

Because we use different raw materials for our products than other plant food suppliers, we are able to make larger NPK differences, which results in better, stronger and larger crop development.

For the grower and consumer, this means a healthier end product with a better taste!    


Plants extract the majority of their nutrients from soil uptake. However, there are many cases where the supply of fertilizers via leaf feed is both necessary and better:

  • To minimize the environmental impact. The effect of leafy plant food is higher than that of plant food on the soil. This can be important in areas that are sensitive to salinization or drying out.
  • To prevent or cure nutrient deficiency when the demand for nutrients exceeds the absorption rate of the root. This can be due to poor root development or rapid growth of crops.
  • Circumventing soil conditions that limit the availability of fertilizers and speed up the response of plants These conditions include unfavorable pH value of the soil, moisture, texture and aeration.
  • To direct nutrients where we want them, in relation to indirect transport through the soil and roots. Examples of this are the prevention of nutrient deficiencies in specific plant parts, for example Fruit.
  • Supplying plant food to plants with deep root systems, when application of soil surface fertilizers such as P, K, Ca, Mg and trace elements is not effective.

If you want a big top, then use the Metrop leaf feeding program!   

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Metrop Plant Fertilizer MR1, MR2 and Calgreen

Our Products

Concentrated liquid plant fertilizers

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This is a top nutrient line trust me when i say you will see results.

Das Bocossian

Metrop is the best the plants love it I highly recommend it.

Lee Mullins

Love the company and looking forward to a great future with Metrop.

Betta Vybez

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